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The Atlantic Ocean

On the Atlantic Ocean side, the Gulfstream warms the waters for fish and birds. In these abundant waters you will see migratory birds and turtles as seasons change. Everything from whales, dolphin, sharks, giant manta rays, sail fish, flying fish, barracuda, grouper, sea trout, mackerel, red snapper, tuna, and mahi mahi love to hang out off the coast of Florida.

Sea Front

Dolphins Swimming
Whale Near Shore


Rocket Launch Viewing

If you have ever seen a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral you know it’s a lot like the Fourth of July. Except the rocket is way bigger, louder and brighter, even in broad daylight! Day or night it is a sight you will always remember.

Rocket Launch

From your private boat, you have a clear, unobstructed view of the spectacle in complete comfort! No crowds, no traffic, no lawn chairs. Just your party, your camera, your binoculars and a cold glass of Champagne. Rocket tours are subject to launch dates. Contact us and we will advise you of potential dates and times.

Rocket Launch